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London's Trusted Independent Glaziers

Lister Glass operate from two dedicated showrooms, our branch in Surrey and a showcase outlet in London's Royal Borough of Kensington.


The glass merchants at our London branch deliver professional services to high-end property owners, developers, letting agents and members of the building and construction sectors. Our glaziers have been serving London and the Southeast for over 35 years and we are proud to operate as a FENSA-approved company that specialises in the supply and installation of double glazing.


This isn't to say that we don’t have a wide and diverse product range available. The glaziers at our branch in London can cut all type of glass to size including laminated safety glass, patterned glass, mirrors and glass for shower enclosures. We can work to any specifications you may have and once your glass is cut to the required size, our team can safely transport it to any location in Kensington or the Central London area for installation. Lister Glass also provide picture framing services and both of our outlets sell glazing tools and materials.

Fantastic Glass Splashbacks


Discerning property owners in the London area use our company to supply coloured glass splashbacks for domestic and commercial applications. Strong, attractive and highly resistant to heat, we bespoke manufacture our coloured glass splashbacks to any dimensions for use in kitchens, bathrooms, restroom facilities and any other room space where inspirational design is a standard feature. Many of our existing London customers choose our splashbacks to enhance the mood in their favourite rooms because of their excellent colour and light reflection properties.



Striking Glass Balustrades


Prestigious business clients in Central London have used Lister Glass to create attractive glass balustrades that not only act as a safety feature, but can also be manufactured to help make company branding more consistent. Available framed or unframed, our glass balustrades are manufactured from toughened safety glass in a choice of 10mm or 15mm widths. Perfect as a central feature or for creating a feeling of space in enclosed rooms, these excellent products combines practical style and eye-catching flair.



Competitively Priced Double Glazing


Double glazing as we now know it was invented in America in 1930, but it wasn’t until 1941 that it was first manufactured. Unfortunately, the war delayed its mass-production and it took until 1952 for it to enter the domestic market in the U.S. Shortly after this, it made its way to the UK, and quickly became a popular choice for windows in London.


But why has it become so dominant within the window market? Firstly, single glazed windows account for 50-70% of home heat loss. Double glazing is far more efficient, making it ideal for homeowners in locales where it can get a little chilly at certain times of the year – like London!

Another reason double glazing is popular among companies and homeowners in London, is it offers far better sound proofing than its single glazed cousin. In a busy city such as London, which like New York never really “sleeps”, this can make the difference between a rude awakening at 3am and a proper rest before work.



Glass for All Occasions


Our glass merchants also sell:


Safety Glass – Also known as laminated glass, safety glass lives up to its name. It’s highly durable, less dangerous than traditional glass and extremely versatile. Our glaziers can cut safety glass in all shapes and sizes. Some safety glass can even guard against bullets and bomb blasts. It’s unlikely you require this level of protection, but it goes some way to explaining why so many of our London clients find use in its durability.


Shower Screens – Glass is really the only sensible choice for making quality shower screens. After all, glass shower screens are easy to clean, look fantastic and can be either transparent, translucent or opaque depending on our London customers’ personal preference.


Mirrors – Metal-coated glass mirrors are said to have been invented back in the first century AD, in Sidon (now known as Lebanon). Glass mirrors as we know them now, albeit slightly more primitive versions, were first written about by Pliny, a Roman author alive in 77 AD.  We sell all types of mirrors. Circular, rectangular and even hexagonal. Call our glass merchants in Epsom and London if you’re searching for beautiful mirrors for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms alike.


For coloured glass splashbacks and glass balustrades in London, contact our glass merchants on 0208 969 5682.