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Double Glazing in Epsom | Safety Glass for Windows, Balustrades and other Features

If you want to incorporate glass features in your home or commercial premises but are worried about the risks, safety glass is the perfect option. This is a toughened material which is less likely to break and is not as dangerous if it does break. The glaziers at Lister Glass supply and install various products made from high-quality safety glass, including shower screens, glass splashbacks, glass balustrades and double glazing. No matter your needs, we provide tailored services for ideal results on every job in Epsom, Kensington and the surrounding areas.

With over 100 years of joint experience, our team advises on the best solutions for your property and needs, making sure you receive reliable products and services. We understand the importance of keeping your property in Epsom safe and supply only high-quality products that are suitable for their application. We also comply with all current building regulations, where relevant.

What is Safety Glass?

Safety glass is glass with extra features which make it stronger and less likely to break. Toughened glass and laminated glass are common designs and to be classified as safety glass, the material must have passed an impact test and meet BS 6206:1981.

Safety glass is a common feature of homes, businesses and commercial properties and you can find it everywhere, from double glazing to glass balustrades.

Uses of Safety Glass

The added security of safety glass makes it ideal for a range of domestic and commercial applications in Epsom. Our glaziers cut safety glass to any specification and regularly supply it for:

Glass Splashbacks – Splashbacks are often subject to heat, temperature changes, water and impact, so they need to stand up to a lot. That’s why we supply toughened splashbacks which are highly resistant and durable.

Shower Screens – Your shower screen needs to be strong and reliable because screens often get bashed. In addition, if you fall or lean on the glass, it needs to take the weight and not break. Low quality or unsuitable glass poses a high risk, which is why we use safety glass for shower screens and enclosures in Epsom.

Glass Balustrades – The main reason for installing balustrades is to provide a safety barrier, so they must be strong and durable. As experienced glaziers, we supply balustrades in toughened glass to your specifications, while ensuring they meet the highest safety standards and building regulations.

Windows – To ensure maximum security at your home or business, it is important to have resilient windows. Lister Glass supplies double glazing in toughened glass which gives you peace of mind as well as improving energy efficiency. Furthermore, to comply with building regulations certain windows and doors must use safety glass.

Why Use Safety Glass?

Safety glass offers numerous benefits which make it popular with customers in the Epsom area.

Safety – When laminated glass breaks, an interlayer holds it in place, making it much safer than traditional glass. As such, it is popular for everything from skylights to shower screens.

Security – Safety glass is significantly harder to penetrate, providing extra security for homes and businesses, especially those with a high risk of burglary.

Versatility – Safety glass is available in a broad range of styles, such as flat, curved and tinted, and our glaziers cut glass to any size. This makes it ideal for all kinds of applications, including glass splashbacks and balustrades.

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